Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Grizwald 3 Update - Moving along nicely :D

Since I began working on Grizwald 3 I've pretty much halted production of anymore youtube videos. Sorry for that. But the good news is that the next Professor Grizwald map is well underway! The basic map structure and layout has been completed. The first main dungeon has been completed, and the 2nd main dungeon is almost done as well.

I do have some pretty big plans for this map, so no ETA on a release yet, but I do plan on getting it completed by the end of May, so let's hope that's realistic.

Here's a screen of the first dungeon as well, "New Elfton":


  1. Hey! I was wondring if you can tell me how to put the first two professor grizwald adventure into a server for me and my friend to play on. We are really excited for this new adventure and we want to experience the first 2 adventures first. I have tried putting the first two Maps into my craftbukkit server and it will not work please help me!

  2. Go to your server.properties file and rename the "world" part of the property level-name=world to the map name.

    1. It wont work is it because I am on a Mac?

  3. Hey Crono, can I ask you an important question, ok i loved ur first map of prof. grizwald and in that first adventure map, you provided us with a map to the pyramid if you remember, the picture of the map was in the .zip file, now my question is, how did you create that kind of map? it looks pretty good please reply to me thanks man!!