Friday, June 1, 2012

Map Progress and Life Progress

The past month I've been working hard on the Professor Grizwald 3 adventure map. I've gotten a lot done and tested various sections, however I am nowhere close to my initial target of a release at the end of May. While the core components of the adventure are in place, all of the additional features I have planned are either half finished or not started. In addition, the announcement of villagers being able to trade makes me want to add even more. I feel like the additional features and the extras I will be adding will make the end of the Grizwald trilogy truly great, and therefore it is worth postponing the release.

In addition, I've landed a excellent summer internship. The job is full time, however, which mean it will slow production of the map as well. Realistically, I'm guessing I won't be able to get it done until later in the year. Sorry to all of my fans out there for making you wait, but the final map in the Grizwald trilogy will be well worth the wait ;). I promise.

I will be on a live stream tonight (7pm PST) with a few buddies, so check it out if you are free: