Monday, July 4, 2011

Yogscast plays through my latest map :)

The good old Yogscast is doing a playthrough of my latest map, Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys! Good stuff as always from those goofs.

Be sure to check out their Youtube channel and their website if you already haven't!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Impressions of my newest map:

My new map has been out for about a week and many of you have had a chance to play it. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Here are some:

The first map I'm giving a 20/20 to. It's well written, brilliant puzzles, looks beautiful, consistent, well paced, I can't say enough.

'Ores 'n' Picks'
OMG!!!! Its SOOOOO fun!!! i LOVED it! I would rate it,... 100000000 / 1000

Finished , i love it , the end is really fun.


This was a fantastic map. I had loads of fun. The secret ending was amazing. Very clever.

I beat the map!
Also I love what you did with the good ending! "No spoilers"
Loved it!

Download it and play today!