Sunday, July 3, 2011

Some Impressions of my newest map:

My new map has been out for about a week and many of you have had a chance to play it. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive! Here are some:

The first map I'm giving a 20/20 to. It's well written, brilliant puzzles, looks beautiful, consistent, well paced, I can't say enough.

'Ores 'n' Picks'
OMG!!!! Its SOOOOO fun!!! i LOVED it! I would rate it,... 100000000 / 1000

Finished , i love it , the end is really fun.


This was a fantastic map. I had loads of fun. The secret ending was amazing. Very clever.

I beat the map!
Also I love what you did with the good ending! "No spoilers"
Loved it!

Download it and play today!


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  2. Wery wery great maps. I've played them both one after another and i must say after the first map i was like "Wow!" but after the second map ending, i was just with my mouth on the ground and staring into a monitor. Great work, keep up going this well and I will be waiting for a third map with prof. Grizwald. Thank you for a great adventure!