Sunday, April 17, 2011

New Grizwald Map: VERY close to completion! :D

I know I've just been posting videos of my girlfriend lately, but you Grizwald fans will be happy to know that the next map is almost finished! I only need to build a few more rooms and areas and then I can start play-testing.

The next map will be a sequel. (I know I previously said it would be a prequel, but I scrapped that idea.) I tried to focus a lot more on traps/puzzles and exploration in this one because that is what people said was their favorite part about the first map. I toned down the combat a lot in comparison to the last map as I feel Minecraft's combat system, in large doses, can be tedious and boring.

Anyways, if I had to put a percentage I'd say the map is about 85%. I'll be sure to keep you guys posted. Oh, and here's a nice preview video of the "trial of power" :D :


  1. Can I playtest it? I'm good at finding bugs.

  2. Is this map up somewhere?
    The first one was awesome.