Saturday, March 5, 2011

~60% done with new map. Progress going well!

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a heads up: 3 out of 4 dungeons in my new map are completed! That puts me at about 60% of release. Why not 75% you ask? Well:

- The final dungeon is a bit longer/complex than the others.
- There is still a lot of cosmetic work to be done to the map overall
- Secret (5) and bonus (20?) chests need to be placed
- Even though I have the story planned out, I still need to write out all the notes.
- After all this, play testing.

So thats where the extra ~15-20% is going: all the logistics after the map is built. But don't worry, the story in this one will be well worth the wait ;)

And to hold you over, here's a few screens of the "Mind" dungeon:

Also stay tuned, I'm uploading a new redstone guide. It should be up very soon! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel and check it out!

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