Friday, February 18, 2011

MineCraft update coming this Tuesday!

It's official, as confirmed from Notch's Twitter and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the 1.3 update will be released on Tuesday, February 22nd.

It's confirmed that one of the new craft-able items added will be a bed. However this won't just be for cosmetic purposes. Ever wish it was daylight so you could make a quick run over to your garden for more wheat? Ever wish that stupid gold clock would turn just a little bit faster so you could get back to exploring? Well the bed does just that. Right-click on it and you will sleep through the night, making it instantly day time :)

There are other things that will (hopefully) be included in the update, but what I'm rooting for is this:

This Redstone repeater would make traps/music setups SO much smaller and easier to work with. Cross you fingers guys, we will find out on Tuesday!

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